Strong digital products

The DB UI ecosystem accelerates digital products development @ Deutsche Bahn – open for all web tech stacks, compatible to brand standards and accessible, we're about democratizing the development.

"DB Personenverkehr" (passenger service) and DB Systel have merged their Design Systems for Web by introducing a new version 2.0. Our goal is to enable a coherent basic UX on the basis of "Moderne Ikone" (modern icon) for customer- and employee-applications. To ensure consistency end to end through the phases starting with concept, through design up until development, we're even also providing the Design System 2.0 as code components by DB Systel and "Reisendeninformationen" (traveler informations).

To empower all colleagues that are working in the fields of development, concept, design and content-production, for delivering the very best digital experiences.

Product ecosystem

By DB UI Base we're providing general assetes and Design Tokens for the universal usage in Web as well as Native App development projects.

By DB UI Core we're providing robust HTML UI components as a basis for Web Development, reusable visual styles and mature tools.

Especially for JavaScript application development we're providing universal UI components by DB UI Elements – either Web Components based on Web Standards, as well as proxies / wrappers for the most common JavaScript frameworks that feel like native JavaScript framework components.

Core principals

How to use

For using DB UI Core, you need to install it as a dependency to your project and then link it within your HTML / CSS.
Please have a look into the Docs / Get Started(docs) for detailed instructions.
In case that you're developing a JavaScript application, please have a look at DB UI Elements, that's based on DB UI Core and provides Web Components for easier integration into this tech context.

More information

Additionally we'll provide some more information over time regrading the whole ecosystem:

Give us your feedback!

This is only the beta version of our framework and we really want your feedback – either within the DB UI Channel by Web Dev Community in Microsoft Teams (only available DB internally) , or directly at . So please support us in any way possible, this is greatly appreciated!
We're particularly keen to add as many examples to the behaviours as possible, to further clarify them.